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We have had quite a busy first few weeks in Year 1!

After reading the wonderful story ‘Supertato’, the children made their own potato superhero, and also described what their own superpowers would be.  They chose everything from ‘super-strength’, to ‘x-ray vision’, to ‘being kind to everyone’.

The children have been learning all about Peru, and we were able to see some very interesting Peruvian fruits which even the adults had never seen before! We guessed what they would look like inside and some were very surprising. The children then created artwork of dragonfruit, papaya, granadillo, tamarillo, physallis, and prickly pears.  Some of these will be on display as part of the Harvest Festival.

We will also be lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Morgan in a couple of weeks, who has travelled to Peru and will be showing us lots of very interesting things!


Finally, last Friday we went on a walk around Chinnor.  We observed different buildings, churches, trees, plants, and even landmarks.  The children then made maps of our route, and described their favourite parts of the village.  There are a few children and adults who are new to Chinnor so it was brilliant to explore our wider school environment.

The children were exceptionally responsible on the walk so we had some playtime in the park – they were even described by a grown-up in the park as ‘a credit to our school’.


Well done and thank you to all of our wonderful Year 1’s!

Posted by Ben Gibson on 27 September 2019

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