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Year 3 Autumn Term 1

This term in year three, we have been writing and exploring poems. The children had a poetry workshop with James Carter and wrote some kennings. James is very experienced when working with children, and we had great fun in the workshop and enjoyed his guitar playing.

In Asia class, the children made some lovely lion art work, which is displayed in our link area. The children drew the faces, and coloured them in, before adding the collage manes.

In science the children have learnt about rocks. They have learnt about how rocks are formed, how they are eroded, and tested them, to see which float and which sink, how tough they are, how they feel. The children evaluated which of them would be good for building houses.

The children have also learnt about some of the customs of the people in Kenya. Some of the children can even speak a little Swahili. Here are some of the children wearing some wonderful Masai style necklaces that they have made using paper plates. Term 1 has been a busy and eventful one, and the children have been fascinated to learn more in our topics.

Posted by Holly Revill on 6 November 2020

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