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Year 6 have been very busy through the Autumn!


A highlight so far has been a virtual visit from author Marcia Williams.

Marcia Williams sent us two video clips to help us prepare for her visit. In the first, she introduced herself and her book – The Stone Age. She set us a task in her second clip. Based on a chapter of our choice from the book, we created our own comic strip. Most of us decided to think about either how man discovered fire or how wolves became dogs.

Coincidently, Marcia has previously lived in Nigeria and been to the city of Benin, a topic we have been studying this term in Year 6.  Marcia was more than happy to share her experiences and tales about when she lived in Nigeria as a child. We were shown various artefacts and items from Benin/Nigeria. We were pleased to see a bronze statue just like the ones we have been reading about!

We had prepared many questions asking how modern-day Nigeria operates compared to England. It was surprising to some to be told the cities were very similar to England with regards to infrastructure and technology. However, out in the wilderness there is a lot of poverty still. The schools out of the towns are known as bush schools. They have little equipment and all students are taught in one class, regardless of age.


Marcia told us how she first started getting into writing and comic strip drawing. During her time at boarding school she was made to write letters home and she hated it. Therefore, she took photographs of her week instead to show her parents. Using these she started to add descriptions and speech bubbles. Slowly she realised it was in the style of a comic strip and continued this style throughout childhood with letters to family and friends. We asked Marcia about being an author and how it works going from an idea to publishing a book. Marcia told us about all the people and roles involved in getting a book published and how the money is shared. She also shared the feeling of being able to finally publish her first book - how lucky, excited and relieved she felt.

Marcia helped us to understand why it is important and helpful to go back over and improve the first draft. She showed empathy and shared experiences of how drafts were turned down by an editor. She recommended going back after a period of time and this allows you to see ways to improve as you are less possessive of the work.

Marcia had prepared a fun quiz for us based on the stone age. We had to answer multiple choice questions and be the first to stand or put hands up. The winner, won a signed book of their choice from the author’s vast collection! An extremely nice touch from Marica which had us fully engaged and excited about the quiz and sharing what we had learnt from the book.

We really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot about the stone age, Nigeria and what it is like to be an author-illustrator. Our own work is of a very high standard, showing how much we were inspired by this event.


In Science, we have learnt all about Carl Linnaeus’ VERY complex classification system! We made our own classification keys after exploring organisms in the school environment. Here are a few of things that we found. Can you classify them?

We also planned and carried out an investigation to find out which food yeast likes best. As a microorganism, yeast is a living thing which grows and breathes. Most of us thought that yeast would like flour best as it is used to make bread. We were surprised that it actually liked sugar the most, it created a lot of air and bubbles!



We wrote non-chronological reports choosing an African animal to link our Literacy and Topic work:



Our Art work also linked Literacy, Topic and Art. We looked at the work of John Ndambo and created our own gallery in the classroom. We hope you enjoy looking over all of our hard work!



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