Year 3 - Blog 3

This term we had an exciting arrival of the chicks! We got to look at the eggs, once they had hatched and also got to hold them just before they went to their new home. The children loved holding them and getting the opportunity to interact with them. I wonder if they can remember which colour is for a boy and which colour is a girl?


As well as this we have started to use something called a contemplative toolkit where we take some time in the day to stop and reflect. It teaches the children mindfulness techniques such as the correct way to sit and how to breathe calmly. Children enjoy doing this and it gives opportunities to think creatively about how school communities and church communities can grow together. 


Finally, we have been learning all about instructions in literacy this term. We have been trying to follow some instructions and write our own. In Asia class we even got to follow some instructions on how to make a jam sandwich by making one in class.


Posted by Holly Revill on 8 June 2021

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