This term in EYFS, we started with a wonderful visit from an author and illustrator, Claire Alexander. She read us her book “A Little Bit Different” and we joined in with sound effects and then talked about feelings and accepting that if something is different, it could well be exciting and good, too! We talked about friendships and how to include everyone in our play and our learning. After the story, each class had the chance to try our own illustration of one of the characters and then Claire took some suggestions from the classes and created a brand new character.

Our topic this term has been Festivals and Celebrations and some of the children explored dressing up in saris, to enjoy the celebration of Diwali. Other children made paper jewellery, invitations and cards. We also made Diva lamps from clay and then took them home, to show our families.  

The changing seasons provided lots of fun outside. The children threw leaves as high as they could….   

We also collected armfuls of them and filled crates and buckets. We extended this into our play and the leaves became beds and pillows and whole new stories began with friends. Other children moved logs and branches and built dens and obstacle courses, exploring risks and balance and finding new ways to do things.

We used outside spaces to write numbers in number sentences, becoming familiar with the maths signs we needed to do so. We also filled Tuff Trays with water and then found different objects to place in the tray and see if it floated or sank. This quickly became an invitation to see how things could move across the water and the children showed each other how to blow the objects just like the wind does in nature.

We look forward to different weather next term and exploring frost, ice and snow!