This term has been very exciting as we have been learning all about flight –

 from the first types of aircraft envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci,

to the invention of the first plane by the Wright Brothers

all the way up to rockets taking the first astronauts in to space!

We have learned a lot about Amelia Earhart;

about her being the first solo woman to cross the Atlantic and all about her disappearance!

We have tracked her different routes around the world.

while learning all about the different continents

and how to use our compasses to direct us.


We then (still with the theme of flight) moved on to The Snowman

and have had great fun designing our own snowmen

 and creating our own wonderful snowmen stories!

We also put on our amazing production of The Angel Express

and had great fun learning the songs

and reminding ourselves of the birth story of Jesus!

We also made our own Christingle oranges in class.