We loved learning about Lunar New Year with Miss Lang who brought in her model of a terra cotta warrior and taught us how to speak in Mandarin!

Charles Dickens has been a huge inspiration to Antarctica class this term, using his literary skills to shed light on the plight of poor children in Victorian Britain.  We were introduced to life in the Victorian era through a Now Press Play experience following a family from working in a coal-mine to the workhouse.  We have researched jobs that children used to do and have created our own chapter of the famous Oliver Twist using all our powers of description and story-telling to create characters and settings. 


We have also extended our use of Wakelet to show our own enquiry-based learning about changes in social justice during the Victorian era including the work of Dr Barnardo and the anti-slavery campaign.  We can share our work with parents at home using our school Microsoft login and continue to add more if we want to.

Keeping with the Victorian era, we showed great energy and enthusiasm learning some traditional English folk dances before adding our own twist to the social choreography.

In Music, ukuleles and glockenspiels have added to vocal harmonies in our arrangement of Bob Dylan’s pop ballad, Make You Feel My Love, made famous by Adele. 

In Science we’ve been looking at the properties of materials and have conducted a number of experiments to test these properties.  We tested different materials to see which one would keep an ice cube the coldest the longer and we used different materials from around the classroom to see which one conducted electricity the best.  More recently we had fun using different processes to separate materials and also looked at some irreversible changes when we mixed certain materials together.