EYFS Spring Term 4 Blog

Our Spring topic is on Buildings and Structures. There was lots of interest in this from the children and as well as enjoying stories and looking at plans and films on what machinery was used to build, there was fun to be had with hands-on building. In Tortoiseshell Class, the children used butter as ‘cement’ and built walls of Weetabix. The finished structures were later fed to the local wildlife to recycle and re-use…In Red Admiral, the class built their structures with marshmallows and spaghetti sticks and also used runny salt-dough to join bricks and blocks. Lots of problem-solving went on and we saw some super cooperation skills too!


Fine and gross motor skills were a daily exercise, with fun activities from threading and weaving to using a knife and building with large resources outside:


We were very lucky to have some opportunities to dress up and raise money this term We love coming to school in our own clothes! World Book Day and Comic Relief were very exciting and we talked about our costumes as well as the stories that inspired them.

Other special events this term were celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight/Climate Change awareness and also meeting one of the two Therapy Dogs our school has been able to ‘borrow’. We learnt that Therapy Dogs have a special use in calming people and giving them confidence.


In class, we used the I-Pads to create structures by using a Minecraft App. It was wonderful to see those children who were more familiar with the App showing others how to select and build.

We have dressed for showers, played in warm sunshine and splashed in water and have caught snowdrops on our tongues in more recent weeks. Nothing beats being outside and we are so very lucky to have our outdoors spaces and to explore the world through hands-on discovery.