For our unit on Biographies, Year 5 learnt about the first woman to win at the Olympic Games, Princess Kynyska of Sparta, before penning their own pieces on Ancient Greek Olympic athletes such as the swift runner Leonidas of Rhodes and the famed wrestler Milo of Croton. Here, research skills were paramount as pupils used the laptops and honed their note-taking skills.

In Art, Mrs Martin led hands-on master classes in sketching and watercolour as the children worked towards completing their own Mythological Creature Concept Art, inspired by video game developers and the wizarding world of Harry Potter. They practised “freeing” their drawing hand produce spirited, natural sketches in both their sketchbooks and on a larger scaler for a final piece.

Informed by the great Hayao Miyazaki’s (Studio Ghibli) words on the natural world ““It is possible for wonderful encounters and beautiful things to exist.", Americas and Antarctica class delved into our Science topic ‘Living Things and their Habitat’ through a series of lessons rooted in observation and investigation. Having encountered natural scientists such as Sir David Attenborough and Julie Goodall, both classes took on investigative roles by scouting nesting sites for small mammals in the school grounds and making recommendations for the improvement of the school’s tortoise enclosure.

For our literacy unit this term we have been exploring the world of Ancient Greek myths. We have delved into the tale of Perseus’ battle with the Gorgon Medusa, as well as creatively retelling the fateful quest of Theseus and the ferocious Minotaur. We wrote our own unique and magnificent myths, creating and using mythical beasts from our Art lessons whilst transporting our readers to far away and ancient lands of wonder.

History has focused on our topic of Ancient Greece. We have researched and studied the Greek gods and goddesses, discovering our favourites and even including them in our myths. Trade was an invaluable aspect of daily life in Greece, and we explored this in depth through our own trading system, recreating the ancient trade routes around the Mediterranean Sea. We carefully thought through strategies for our trades and decided on which goods we coveted most, before embarking on an epic trade game. In Americas, we transported ourselves back to 776 BC and took part in the Ancient Greek Olympics. City-States competed against one another for the title of “Champions of Greece”. We competed in the long jump, shot put, Stadia (ancient games equivalent to the 200m) and “boxing” (memory game!). The City State of Athens were crowned victors at the closing ceremony and awarded with their Cortinos (olive branch crown).

In Geography, Year 5 practised their map skills by looking at maps and atlases and finding places using grid references.  They also looked at things we would find on a map such as contour lines and symbols.  They produce islands to help explain how contour lines work and with map symbols, they researched different landmarks on Crete and marked them a map.

They also learnt about Sri Lanka and Vesak – a very important Buddhist Festival celebrated there.  Students worked together in groups and made lanterns – a traditional decoration for Vesak.

In Music, they listened to the classic Motown song ‘Dancing in the Street’.  They performed the song and had to chance to play glockenspiels along with the track too.  They practised vocal exercises, learning how to stand and breath properly.   They also got to appreciate other Motown songs such as ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ and ‘I can’t help myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch). 

In PSHCE, Year 5 have been looking at healthy relationships.  They looked at what they felt was needed for a good healthy relationship e.g. A whole bag of kindness, a bucket of love, a sprinkle of joy.  They also discussed different ways to resolve possible conflict situations in an amicable way.  Year 5 also looked at stereotypes and what kind of behaviours they wanted to stop (stop prejudging people) and replacing it with better behaviour (show kindness).