Year 4's topic this term has been the Anglo-Saxons. As well as learning about the Anglo-Saxon settlement, they have also discovered how their way of life differs to ours today and the influence that they had on place names. In Literacy, they have focussed their writing on the legend of Beowulf, writing their own legends inspired by this and debating whether or not Beowulf should have fought the dragon alone.




In Science, Year 4 have concluded their topic for the term by investigating which drink has the most damaging effect on our teeth. The children used the shells of hard-boiled eggs to replicate what would happen to the enamel on their own teeth when consuming drinks such as milk, orange juice and cola. As they predicted, they discovered that the sugary drinks were the most harmful to their teeth. As well as this, they got to visualise how our digestive system works by watching how food passes through the intestines (a pair of tights) and how the solid waste leaves the body - which they found thoroughly entertaining!







The children have also been improving their balance skills in gymnastics this term, using balances, rolls and different ways of travelling to create a sequence in small groups which they performed to each other.