Below are the schemes of work that are used by teachers, to help ensure that reasoning and problem solving are taught within stimulating and thought provoking lessons. They are produced by the White Rose Maths Hub, which is a leading maths hub in the UK, funded by the UK government. We view problem solving and reasoning as essential maths skills and want to give children the tools to become experienced and skilled at it.

Maths schemes

Year 6 Summer
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Year 6 Spring
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Year 6 Autumn
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Year 5 Summer
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Year 5 Spring
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Year 5 Autumn
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Year 4 Summer
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Year 4 Spring
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Year 4 Autumn
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Year 3 Summer
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Year 3 Spring
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Year 3 Autumn
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Year 2 Summer
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Year 2 Spring
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Year 2 Autumn
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Year 1 Summer
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Year 1 Spring
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Year 1 Autumn
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Bar Modelling

Follow this link to have a look at how bar modelling is used in maths: 


Maths websites to explore at home

Lots of number bonds practice, times table and division fun. Your children will benefit by practising all of these.

A website with hundreds of links to all areas of the curriculum. Lots of fun, interactive activities to help your child practise and enjoy maths.

Run by Cambridge University, Nrich is a wonderful maths site, full of maths activities that will stretch your child’s mathematical skills and help them see maths as a creative subject!

These two websites have more free maths activities.

St Andrew’s Primary School now subscribes to ‘Times Table Rock Stars’. This website provides your child with an excellent opportunity to practise their times tables in a fun way and it gives the children virtual rewards. We recommend that the children use times tables charts and/or books of the times tables to support themselves, when using the website, as they learn their times tables. Children, from year two to year six, have their own log on names and passwords. Please see your child’s class teacher if you do not know your child’s login details.

Maths Documents

Our Maths Aims
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Tips for learning times tables
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Helping your child with Maths
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