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11 November 2022


  This term, EYFS have been busy learning about different types of festivals and celebrations. This week we have been thinking about Remembrance Day. We made pictures of poppies, crosses to remember the soldiers who died and created our own prayers.  

2 November 2022

Year 3

In year 3 this term, we have been hard at work. We have been exploring Mexican culture by studying geographical features and plotting them on a map. We have also created clay Mayan tablets and used traditional Mexican colours to decorate them. The children have been exploring what different rocks...

20 October 2022


In our topic on America, we have listened to the Native American lullaby ‘Ho Ho Watanay’ and have then bathed, dressed and rocked our toys while singing them a lullaby. We made dream catchers from paper plates, wool and needles (using our fine motor skills). We noticed some very ...

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