St Andrew, after whom our school is named, was known for being a hardworking fisherman and a faithful companion. He was the disciple who brought the lunch of one child for Jesus to share with the 5000. 


Our Vision

At St Andrew’s CE Primary School, we aim to bring children to a place where they can realise their full potential.  Our Christian values are the foundation of all we do and each one is a facet of the central value, love, which ‘always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.’ (1 Corinthians 13:7)


Protect, Trust, Hope and Persevere


Our Mission

Our school is built on our Christian values. We work together to reflect the love of God in all that we do. Our aim is to support the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of all our pupils by:

  • Everyone playing an important role in contributing to the positive ethos evident in our school.
  • Establishing a sense of belonging to the school and the extensive community with an ability to respect the rights of and be inclusive of others.
  • Developing children’s spiritual development and moral practice so it impacts on their love of learning and the wider school community.
  • Building on the respectful relationships existing between staff, pupils and all stakeholders in our school.
  • Nurturing resilience and the aspiration to develop a sense of curiosity and interest in the wider world.
  • Setting high expectations to enable pupils to become independent, creative and resilient learners in a restless school
  • Encouraging a mind-set that allows everyone to learn by their mistakes and adopts a ‘can do’ approach towards challenge.
  • Embracing safe practices and effective pastoral systems to foster emotional wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Learning starts with the views and ideas of the child (Article 12), allowing them to be free to express their thoughts and opinions (Article 13)


Our approach to teaching and learning produces children with in-depth academic knowledge and essential skills so that they can achieve their ambitions and fulfil their maximum potential.


We inspire our colleagues to explore innovative approaches in teaching, enhance support for learners, integrate technology enhanced learning and engage in professional development.