Wrap Around Care (WAC)

St. Andrew’s C.E. Primary School Double Decker Club (WAC)


At St. Andrew’s Wrap Around Care Club we aim to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment, offering a range of activities to reflect the interests of the children in our care.


In order to minimise risk and be safe, while the evenings remain lighter, we will be spending a lot more time outside…even if it is a little rainy, so please bring a coat!


Both the hall, and the playground, have been split into quarters to create Double Decker Bubbles where possible (Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2, and Upper Key Stage 2). Most of the familiar games and resources can continue to be used by the children. Equipment will be made available to the children as they request it, and cleaned frequently.


Food is being served as usual, but the Double Decker Team will be kitted up in PPE to ensure safety when handling food. Each bubble has a table to sit at while they eat, and they still have a variety of fruit and healthy snacks to choose from.








Week 1

Getting to know each other games 

Outside games


 Treasure hunt

Games with collecting leaves

Week 2

Outside games 

Outside games

Outdoor bowling

Outside games


 Outside games

Games with collecting leaves

Week 3

Self-portrait drawings for display

 Corn dollies

Harvest festival gift


Board games

Toilet roll animals

Week 4

Outdoor play/Board games

 Cheerio caterpillars

Biscuit decorating

Pebble painting

Generosity: flowers          

Week 5

Target practice


Junk modelling

Friendship bracelets

Arts and crafts

Dream catchers

Week 6

Emotion mask

Paper chain of kindness

Leaf printing/rubbings

Candle holders


Week 7

Indoor games

“Being Generous”

Junk modelling


Target practice

Pen pal pictures.

Toilet roll monsters

Week 8

Generosity at home posters

Board games

Halloween decorations

Halloween biscuits/ witches’ hats

End of term movie night


Double Decker Newsletters 2020-21 WAC

New things at Double Decker Club
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Double Decker Club Newsletter Term 1 2020
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Welcome back!


Double Decker Club is led and run by teaching assistants and adults within the school

Venue: Benton hall

Time: Mornings from 8am and afternoons until 6pm

Morning food: breakfast - cereal, porridge, fruit and drinks

Afternoon food: cold snack, toast, fruit, vegetables and drinks

Fees: Morning session £3.50 and afternoon sessions £9 (food included)


We appreciate that a number of changes have been made in order to minimise the risk for everyone at Double Decker Club so thank you for your patience with these changes. Thank you also for your continued encouragement as we try and make the ‘new normal’ fun for the children! We are grateful for your feedback and support.


*Please notify Double Decker Club of any changes to your address or contact numbers, as well as the school, as this information is not automatically passed on.