Junior Leadership Team


At St Andrew’s CE Primary School, we believe that children have the right to be heard. According to Article 12 of the Children’s Convention, children have the right to express their views in all matters affecting them.

Our Junior Leadership philosophy is designed to:

  • empower all the children in our school to make a real and lasting difference to their school community through positive actions.
  • encourage values-led role modelling, so that even the youngest children take on responsibility for looking after one another and our school environment.
  • inspire children to develop leadership skills and to become positive change-makers within their school lives and beyond.

As part of the St Andrew’s Junior Leadership Team, children have opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions whilst contributing to the day-to-day running of the school. As School Council, KS1 Leaders, Junior Leaders, Play Leaders, Wellbeing Ambassadors and House Captains, children are given a range of leadership responsibilities across the school which you can read about in more detail below.

Our Year 6 Wellbeing Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • being role models and offering support to their younger peers.
  • offering guidance to children on the playground or to those having a difficult time.  
  • running activities on the Wellbeing Bus at lunchtime- including games, crafts, and PSHE stories.  
  • leading the school with a positive focus on anti-bullying through assemblies and School Council.   

Our Year 5 Play Leaders are responsible for:

  • independently setting up and running games on the FS, KS1, or KS2 playgrounds. 
  • ensuring that younger children are supported and know how to play the games and making sure that everyone is included.   
  • awarding stickers to children who they think demonstrate the school values at playtimes.  

Our Year 4 Junior Leaders are responsible for:

  • supporting happy and smooth-running lunchtimes for everyone.
  • ensuring that tables are set for new classes coming through the lunch halls and supporting children to keep things clean, tidy and safe. 
  • awarding stickers to children who are sitting nicely, using their manners, and reflecting the school values.  

Our Year 2 KS1 Leaders are responsible for:

  • leading FS and KS1 by being positive role models and making sure children are playing safely and following the school rules.
  • making sure playground equipment is used safely and that it is tidied away at the end of every playtime and lunchtime.  
  • being trusted by their teachers to independently carry out ‘responsibility tasks’ around our school.