Rights Respecting School

Nearly 25 years ago, many countries around the world signed a very important agreement. Its aim was to guarantee that every child in the world would be given certain rights that they'd never had before. These have become known as the Rights of the Child.


To be recognised as a Rights Respecting School we have to satisfy UNICEF that everyone in our school community is aware of these rights and we are doing our best to ensure that St Andrew’s respects these rights.

The School Development Plan includes working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School and our School Council acts as the Steering Group. All classes have had lessons discussing ‘wants and needs’ in relation to the Rights and their importance have been debated in a school ‘Big Write’. This resulted in some children giving powerful speeches in assembly about the Rights of the Child at a special assembly. Staff have completed an audit and the School Council will be monitoring our progress. Different Rights will be ‘flagged up’ in future newsletters.