Farms 2 Ewe!

7 June 2019

Today, the Foundation Stage children were visited by 'Farms2ewe', a mobile company who bring animals into school to give the children a hands on experience of farm life. The organisation  is run by real farmers, so not only were the children learning, but we were also supporting British Farming. 


Children were given the chance to groom Sweetie the Shetland pony, stroke the guinea pigs, chicks and baby rabbits, bottle feed the lambs and a couple of the children even got a lick from Ginger the calf's rough tongue! We learnt about why farmers keep different animals and the children were very knowledgeable, explaining that cows give us milk and sheep give us wool. They learnt about the gestation period of chicks and how they use their beaks to peck out of their eggs. 


The children were amazed to see real farm animals grazing in the school grounds and excited to listen to Farmer Danielle. It was a wonderful experience for the children that they won't forget in a hurry!