On 14th -18th November it was Anti-Bullying Week. We worked on a range of activities throughout the week.

On Monday it was Odd Socks Day where we wore odd socks to celebrate how we are all unique. We raised £182.40 for the Anti-Bullying Alliance. In singing assembly, we sang along to ‘Calling Out’ by Andy and the Odd Socks. Each year they bring out a song which helps bring the anti-bullying week theme to life.

On Tuesday Asia class put on an assembly about bullying. There were different scenarios about different aspects of bullying to show the effects of bullying. The scenarios included name calling and physical bullying such as kicking and hitting. At the end of the assembly Mr Nixon talked about the things that could stop bullying and what to do if we were worried about bullying behaviours like talking to a teacher.

During the week we set up some activities on the playground at lunch time including drawing and colouring. We supplied paper, pens, pencils and anti-bullying themed sheets. We set this up to offer a fun and inclusive craft station.

We also worked together to set up games like chess, draughts and snakes and ladders. The games were very popular.

On Friday we helped deliver the assembly about what bullying means to us and the different types of bullying. We learnt about the different articles linked to bullying in the United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child.

We hope our work has helped people think about the effects of bullying behaviours and to remember to be kind.