Following on from World Book Day, Year 4 were lucky enough to get a reservation at the 'Book Tasting' restaurant. The children were able to 'taste' a selection of books from a variety of genres and authors to encourage them to branch out from what they would usually read. The menu included: poetry and rhyming books, picture books, graphic novels and magazines, classic novels, books by famous authors (such as Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton) and non-fiction texts. The children then left a review from one book that they tried on each table to help them decide which they would like to read in the future. Some reviews that the children left included:

"I liked the blurb of this book and I have seen the film so I think I will read it"

"I liked the pictures but it would be better if it had more words to go with them"

"I know my brother enjoys these books so I might read them too"

"I liked the poem book because it made reading more fun"