Art at St Andrew's

Art Curriculum Overview

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Art is an essential part of our curriculum here at St Andrew’s. Pupils experience a wide range of artistic activities in a relaxing environment. We provide children with opportunities to develop and to enjoy their creative expression as well as teaching them lifelong technical and design skills..

In Foundation Stage children will engage in art activities on a daily basis to stimulate and develop communication, fine motor skills and social skills.

Across Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils will: 

  • learn about the work of famous artists and their styles
  • use cross-curriculum links to stimulate creative exploration
  • experience different art and crafts through visiting artists and visits to ‘arts’ centres (galleries/theatres/museums)
  • explore art methods through different media, materials and techniques, including digital art.

We organise an Art Show each year to display our children’s fantastic 2 and 3D artwork and photography to visitors.