Geography at St Andrew's C.E. Primary School


Geography matters more now than ever.

At St Andrew’s we want to:

  • Provide children the opportunity to explore human geography. They need to understand the relationships that exist between cultures.
  • Provide opportunities for children to reflect and to explore the similarities, what we have in common with people around the globe.
  • Celebrate what is unique and special about people everywhere.

Learning should provoke thought and discussion. It should be as practical as possible and needs to involve everyone. We want children to

  • Learn about the connections between their own lives and the lives of others.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for the environment and for the sustainable use of resources
  • Explore and challenge stereotypes of people and places.
  • Experience different regions through visitors and the use of IT and high quality resources

We believe that through the teaching of Geography

  • Children are able to develop an understanding of their own and each other’s rights
  • Children develop awareness of the wider world.
  • Children are able to develop a positive sense of their own identity and learn to respect the identities of others.




What have we been learning ?



EYFS are constantly exploring the immediate environment and making changes.           


Year 1 went on a walk around Chinnor to compare environments.

Do you recognise these places in Chinnor?




Year 2 loved having a taste of Mexico.


Year 3 learned about coasts. They looked at how physical geography and human geography are linked and how they bring about change over time. The children learned to differentiate between tourist towns and ports and used IT and atlases to gather information.


Year 4 studied Canada. They used maps, globes, atlases and IT to find out about the landscape and climate. They explored how the economy is often dependent on the natural resources and what it is like to live in Canada today.


Year 5 studied Brazil. Great cross curricular links.



Year 6 studied mountains. They discovered the definition of a mountain and located mountains in different countries. And of course under the sea!

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