At St Andrew’s history is engaging and immersive, to inspire and support the children’s learning. We encourage the next generation of historians with guest speakers, real-life experiences, boundless opportunities to ask questions and investigate the past. We will do this by:

  • Modelling and encouraging use of appropriate and accurate historical vocabulary in relation to area of study
  • Allowing child-led investigations where the pupils investigate answers to both their own and given questions
  • Inspiring and exciting by teaching, visits and/or visitors discussing their own lives and experiences, or fields in which they are experts
  • Learning about key areas of history (within and outside of living memory) depending on their learning stage: including the Roman Empire, Victorians, Tudors, Egypt, Stone Age, Battle of Britain, Castles and Monarchs, Toys and Leisure of the past, Great Fire of London, Dinosaurs, and the Space Race
  • Comparing the past with present day
  • Using an interactive resource ‘Now Press Play’. This is a whole class audio experience which enables the children to relive the history they are studying.


History Curriculum Overview

We have been lucky enough to have some wonderful visitors and speakers, as part of Black History Month and to support topic work.


The children in KS2 were completely absorbed by a talk given by Eddy Smythe, who is local to Chinnor, as part of Black History Month. Eddy told the children the incredible story of his father, John Henry Smythe, and his experiences in the war. He also shared a song written in his memory. Some incredible interviews can be found here:


KS1 were also lucky enough to have a visit from one of our student teachers, Mrs Martin, who talked all about her Jamaican heritage, and the story of her Grandma Grace’s Windrush experience. The message of the talk linked so well to what we believe History should be all about: “It matters to be proud of who you are and to share your stories.”


Year 1 learned about Guy Fawkes and his role in the Gunpowder Plot, and how this event is still remembered on 5th November each year. They will be comparing what a Victorian Christmas was like with the present day. They will also have a very exciting (and maybe a little scary!) visitor when they learn about dinosaurs in term 4!


Year 2 are learning about Amelia Earhart and her pioneering work in aviation.


Year 3 are looking forward to immersing themselves in learning about the Battle of Britain, and how this major historical time has affected our modern lives.


Year 4 have been exceptionally enthusiastic about their Tudors unit, and can recite an impressive range of facts! Their visit from a live Henry VIII took them back in time.


Year 5 are learning about the Romans and how different their lives were, and are able to list some of the many Gods they worshipped.


Year 6 have been studying the Stone Age, and linking the topic to different areas of the curriculum by writing newspaper interviews in literacy, and building dens as part of D&T.


Some wonderful year 4 students said:


“History is my favourite topic. I like it because it’s like you’re actually there in the past.” Morris


“I love history because you get to hear interesting facts about what happened in the past and how they survived. If you lived to 50 in the time of the Black Death that would be like living to over 100 these days!” Amelia

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