At St Andrew's school, the children are fortunate enough to learn both French and Spanish on their journey through the school.

In Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage, the children learn French and the lessons are based entirely on speaking and listening skills. We sing a lot of songs and rhymes. Vocabulary is consolidated through games. 

In Key Stage 2 the children learn Spanish. Languages are a compulsory part of the key stage 2 National Curriculum and therefore all 4 skill areas are covered (speaking, listening, reading and writing). The children are regularly monitored for progress and the results form part of their end of year report to parents.




   Choosing the correct date            Ca va mal! Can you guess how they're feeling?     KS1'Je dors' KS1 Action rhyme.


       Year 6 Fashion show                    Colouring flags using spanish colours Year 3        What's in the box? Year 4

     Animal wordsearch Year 5

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