Antarctica Class

Year 5 Antarctica have been continuing to thrive through enquiry-based, pupil-led learning across the curriculum.  


In Maths, we learnt about the importance of using place value for multiplication and division calculations by 10, 100 and 1,000, consolidating our understanding through the power of Beyoncé’s “to the left, to the left!” and other useful tools for learning. Pupils worked as a team to complete challenging puzzles during “Mrs Martin’s Multiplication and Division Mash-up”, an activity carousel that included working with currency in the ‘Bank of Antarctica’ and grappling with conversions for ‘Operation Gravity’. For our Area and Perimeter unit, Minecraft was used in class to deduce the area and volume of various three-dimensional builds.  


Visited by the award-winning children's poet James Carter, children have written a starry multitude of space-themed limericks and haikus, creating their own illustrated poems to show the author on his return trip visit term! Elsewhere in Literacy, we took on the role of authors and illustrators producing children’s picture books for ‘Anti-Bullying WOW Writing Week’ themed around what makes us all unique, different and therefore marvellous. Critical thinking about the Romans also continued through encountering Roman myths and work around the story of Diana and Orion. We finished off with puppet shows produced by groups for Literacy and DT, recording and reviewing the performances.