14 Apr

Year 3

The children have created their own scientific experiments this term, focusing on the key components of scientific investigations. They looked at what needed to be controlled within their experiments and even made predictions on what they thought might happen. The results were then recorded and…

30 Mar


EYFS have been exploring, observing and investigating. We discovered that we can create rainbows with felt tip pens, kitchen roll and water. 

Conditioner and cornflour were combined to make Moodough. After lots of stirring and kneading it eventually formed a soft, smooth dough. As it crumbled,…

30 Mar

Year 5

To support their studies of the Victorian Era, the children in year 5 went on an exciting and inspiring visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum. They had a chance to travel back in time, and try their hand at brick-making, toy-building and rag-rug weaving. The children thoroughly enjoyed this…

28 Mar

Year 2

Year 2 have had a fantastic term! They started off by enjoying a great trip to the story museum where they learnt all about what it takes to be a storyteller. They were able to make up their own stories and re-wrote them when back in school. We celebrated Easter in many different ways in school.…

27 Mar

Year 6

This term year 6 have been exploring the theme of time in science. We have experimented with how quickly different types of chocolate melt, as well as seeing how long it takes for Oobleck (slime) to turn into a solid! Rather messy!!

We have continued our study of the wizarding world of Harry…

27 Mar

Science Club

Science Club March 2024

Year 3 & 4 had lots of fun at Science Club! The children were so enthusiastic and engaged every single week, actively bringing their own investigation ideas to sessions. We looked at a variety of pupil-led investigations ranging from ‘What material makes the best lava…

7 Mar

Y5&6 Boys' Football Tournament

The year 5 and 6 boys made their school proud on the 6th March. They competed against different schools at the ASM stadium. Plenty of goals were scored throughout the group stages with one going in from 25 yards out! The boys came runners up in the group stage which took us into the knockout…

4 Mar

DT Club

The very first DT club has now started at St Andrew’s CE School. The activities are designed to engage students in practical problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of STEM disciplines.  

STEM activities often involve real-world…

4 Mar

Science workshops

St Andrew's enjoyed two exciting science days! The first, "Time for Science" by AS Creatives, explored timelines and famous scientists through drama. The second, led by Professor Bubbleworks, engaged students with fun, hands-on experiments. From EYFS to Year 6, students were captivated and gained…

9 Feb


Thank you parents for supporting your children. We were incredibly impressed with their decorations to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

9 Feb

Year 3

This term the children have become little chefs,  and they have evaluated existing soups based on taste and how it looks. They then created their own soup and added extra ingredients to see if they could improve it. The children sequenced different movements in gymnastics and analysed their own…

8 Feb

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about Anglo-Saxons this term. In literacy, we have focussed on the legend of 'Beowulf'. The children have written their own descriptive and dramatic legends. As well as this, they enjoyed taking part in a whole year group debate over whether or not Beowulf should have…