This term Year 6 have delved into the world of the ancient Maya, exploring the foundations of this once great civilisation of the Americas. The Maya, who were based in Central America, combined perfectly with our international term, where we looked at countries across the Americas, from Canada to Peru and everything in between! We studied the geographical physical features found within South America, looking in depth at the mountain range of the Andes and the Amazon River. We managed to accurately recreate mountains as part of our computing lessons in Minecraft, ensuring to include all the key features we had learned. In our science lessons we investigated the classification of animals and plants. We understand the importance of grouping and classifying species based on common characteristics exploring and drawing upon the work of Carl Linnaeus.

The obvious highlight of the term was the fantastic week spent at Kingswood! It was an action-packed week of fun and adventure. We overcame our fears, showed perseverance when facing challenges and demonstrated teamwork in abundance. Despite the rain and the series of unfortunate and unexpected events on our return home, everyone kept a smile on their face and kept going, showing grit and determination to succeed in everything we did!